Pre-Training Coursework

In order for you to prepare for your learning at some of the Case Worker Foundation courses, pre-training coursework activities have been developed and are expected to be completed prior to your attendance at the Foundation course.

If you are registered for a Case Worker Foundation course that has pre-training coursework activities, you will receive an email 2-3 weeks prior to the course that provides details about the activities that need to be completed prior to the first day of the training. Depending upon the course, pre-training activities can include completion of web-based modules, printing and reading a case example, or completing an inventory.

The following Case Worker Foundation courses currently have pre-training coursework:

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Concurrent Permanency Planning

Concurrent permanency planning involves considering all reasonable options for permanency at the earliest possible point following a child’s entry into foster care and concurrently pursuing those options that will best serve the child’s needs. Concurrent permanency planning has been linked with reducing time to permanence, enhancing reunification and adoption efforts by engaging parents, and reducing the time to adoption finalization.

In order to prepare for the 2-day skill-based foundation course, participants complete, prior to the first day of the training, two web-based training modules that introduce permanency and the various tools that can be utilized to enhance permanence. Practice activities are completed within the 2-day foundation course that build upon the concepts and tools introduced in these two web-based training modules.

Permanency and Permanency Tools

Protective Capacity Family Assessment

The PCFA Modules project was designed to provide an overview of the Protective Capacity Family Assessment model. When completed it will feature 5 modules: Module 1 – Why PCFA?, Module 2 – Preparation, Module 3 – Introduction, Module 4 – Discovery, and Module 5 – Case Planning.

PCFA Modules