WiLearn is a training program for child welfare professionals in Wisconsin. It is required for those: (1) who are employed by a county child welfare agency or DMCPS, Wellpoint and Children’s in Milwaukee, AND (2) who are hired beginning January 1, 2023, AND (3) whose primary job functions include CPS Access, CPS Initial Assessment, CPS Ongoing, or a mixture of these CPS practice areas.

Those who qualify for the WiLearn Program will be automatically enrolled into it and will receive detailed information via email about WiLearn and how to access the training components, including (1) the Case Worker Pre-Service Web-based Modules, (2) the eWiSACWIS Web-based Modules, (3) the eight Foundational Elements, and (4) the Safety in Child Protective Services-Present Danger course.

In order to be automatically enrolled into the WiLearn Program components, new primary CPS professionals need to complete their PDS Online profile as soon as possible after they begin employment in their agency or transfer into a primary CPS Access, Initial Assessment, or Ongoing position from a non-CPS position.

  • For information about how to access your PDS Online account, click here.
  • For information about how to complete your PDS Online profile, see the “Getting Started” section of the PDS Online User Guide, available here.

If you have questions about WiLearn, and work:

  • in Milwaukee for Children’s Wisconsin, Wellpoint, or DMCPS contact: wcwpds-mke@uwm.edu or 414-964-7400
  • for one of the 71 Wisconsin counties (outside of Milwaukee): wilearn@wcwpds.wisc.edu or 608-890-3965

Please note, at the present time, WiLearn is not available for other child welfare professionals. Check back for more information later in 2023.

WiLearn Program Supports – those who are enrolled into WiLearn, and their agency supervisors and coaches, will find more information and resources about WiLearn here

The WiLearn training program includes the following components:

  • Agency orientation and onboarding
  • Completion of the Case Worker Pre-Service Web-Based Modules
  • Pre-Service transfer of learning, job shadowing, and on-the-job training completed in tandem with the web-based preservice modules
  • Completion of the Introduction to eWiSACWIS web-based modules
  • Completion of the Foundational Elements, which includes web-based training and facilitated Community Huddles held via Zoom
  • Transfer of learning, job shadowing, on-the-job training, and learning evaluation completed in tandem with the Foundational Elements
  • Enhanced supervisory oversight and coaching
  • Local agency trainings
  • A reduced/50% primary case assignment for the duration of the program’s length (6 months)

More information about WiLearn can be found here.

Additional program information will be added to this page as it becomes available.