WiLearn Program Supports

CPS WiLearn Program Professional Development Plan

Training requirements for primary CPS professionals enrolled in WiLearn are different than the Foundation requirements for those hired prior to 2023. The CPS WiLearn Program Professional Development Plan includes instructional information about WiLearn enrollment and requirements and tracking of the WiLearn Program components. This plan incorporates additional required training for CPS professionals, optional Foundation training, and ongoing training requirements for all CPS professionals. The CPS WiLearn Program Professional Development Plan is available here.

Case Worker Pre-Service Web-Based Modules On-the-Job Application Activity Workbook

The Case Worker Pre-Service Web-Based Modules On-the-Job Application Activity Workbook (“Pre-Service Workbook” for short) includes optional transfer of training activities to support the learner in applying the knowledge acquired during the Pre-Service Module to their child welfare roles and responsibilities.

The Case Worker Pre-Service Web-Based Modules On-the Job Application Activity Workbook is available here

Foundational Elements Scheduling Overview

The documents that are linked to below provide a sample overview of how WiLearn Foundational Elements are scheduled. The CPS Professionals who are enrolled into WiLearn, and their agency supervisor, will receive a detailed schedule with all of the Community Huddle dates, times and Zoom links via a personal email from one of the WCWPDS offices.

71 counties outside of Milwaukee 

Milwaukee – Children’s Wisconsin, Wellpoint, and DMCPS

Introduction to the Foundational Elements Video

This 5-minute video provides an overview of the Foundational Elements, defines key terminology that is utilized throughout the training, and describes the resources that are available to learners as they complete the Foundational Elements.

*Please note that those who are enrolled into WiLearn are required to watch this video in PDS Online in order to meet their training requirements. So, if you chose to watch it here, you will also need to watch it again in PDS Online.

Foundational Elements Workbook

These workbook pages, which are posted by element, will support the CPS Professional’s learning through each element and aid their supervisor and/or coach in understanding the purpose of the element, its sections, and how to provide support throughout the training.

Two versions of the workbook are available for each element. They have exactly the same information in each version.

  • One version can be used entirely electronically, allowing the CPS Professional the ability to capture their notes, reflections, and assignments directly into the pages from their device.
  • The second version is meant to be printed and has additional space for capturing handwritten notes, reflections, and assignments.

Learning Promotion Tool

The Learning Promotion Tool reflects the overall purpose of the WiLearn Foundational Elements: To prepare new CPS professionals to demonstrate basic proficiency in the key skill domains defined in the Wisconsin Child Welfare Model for Practice. Each domain listed in the tool comes directly from the Model for Practice that, in turn, informed the design of the WiLearn Foundational Elements and the specific skills (behavioral indicators) new professionals should begin demonstrating on-the-job.

This tool is best used to record observations and begin a dialogue with new professionals about:

  1. What they are demonstrating currently, and
  2. What steps to take next in their ongoing skill development and how you, as their supervisor or coach, can aid in taking those next steps.

It is not expected that every skill would be observed during every observation. Coaches and supervisors are free to focus on whatever skills are relevant and leave others blank.

We recommend that each new CPS professional be observed in the field at least once during their initial 6 months on-the-job. Of course, more observation is encouraged whenever possible.

The Learning Promotion Tool is available here.