Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training builds upon the knowledge, awareness, skill development and values from Foundation training by providing in-depth knowledge, awareness, values and skill development training around a specific child welfare topic.

Ongoing training of 30 hours each licensing period is required per Wisconsin Administrative Rule, Chapter DCF 43, Training for Child Protective Services Caseworkers and Supervisors for all workers whose primary position responsibilities include Access, Initial Assessment and Ongoing Child Protective Services. The current licensing period is March 1, 2019-February 28, 2021, with licensing periods every March 1, odd year through February 28, next odd year.

The WCWPDS regularly offers courses around the following child welfare training topics: legal, child and adult mental health, substance abuse, secondary trauma, courtroom preparation and presentation, Termination of Parental Rights, and children and youth educational needs.